MED.IIT Institute of All India Medical & Technical Entrance Examinations, Jabalpur (MEDIITJ)is well known for its academic excellence and is often considered as the ‘first stop’ for a large number of National & International Institutes of Medicinal Research & Technologies for recruiting Higher students.

We truly appreciate the faith bestowed on us from several institutions and we look forward to continuing our relationship with them.

The Students Recruitment Office (SRO) is entirely run and managed by the students and handles all aspects of recruitments at MED.IIT Jabalpur. Right from contacting institutions to managing all logistics of arranging for tests, pre-recruitment talks and conducting final interviews the SRO officials and volunteers provide their best possible assistance to the recruiters.

The hospitality and the functioning of SRO is applauded and well received by the visiting recruiters every year. With over 200 institutions contacted each year SRO has maintained a prolific recruitment record among all MED.IITs despite the criterion increment of the Institutes during the past couple of years.

MED.IIT Jabalpur (MED.IITJ) is among the premier engineering and medical entrance training schools of India and is well known for its outstanding research, boosting and teaching programmes.

As the world marches into the 21st century, India, at the forefront of the developing world needs an increasing lot of intelligent, astute, hard working, scientific and technically proficient minds.

Why Us?

  • Experienced and best faculty team, who are hard working and passionate towards your success.
  • Systematic and comprehensive study material for knowledge and concept development.
  • Specially designed study hour sessions to complete the assignments/tests or quizzes.
  • Regular doubt clearing sessions to improve the performance and efficiency of students.
  • Rigorous test series for each and every subject covering all topics separately for JEE Main, JEE Advanced, School and Board exams.
  • Excellent infrastructure with fully Air conditioned class rooms and well equipped library.